CLF will consider submissions in the following categories:

  1. Non-fiction (beliefs/teachings; Christian lifestyle; inspirational; marriage; outreach/evangelism; parenting; pastoral care; prayer; social issues; spiritual growth; Bible study).
  2. Children’s books
  3. General fiction

Send your manuscript in Word format to

Submission formats:

  1. Although sending a hard-copy version of your manuscript is optional, submissions sent via email are preferable. (Hard-copy submissions could get lost in the post, and it is easier for us to keep track of emailed submissions.)
  2. Please do not send submissions on CDs or USB flash drives.
  3. Manuscripts must be typed. We do not accept handwritten submissions.
  4. Please make sure that manuscripts do not have printing functionality disabled; if watermarks are included, please ensure that the text behind the watermark is legible; and, most importantly, files need to be sent in Microsoft Word formats (we will not accept files saved in WordPad or sent via links to a website). Please do not paste or type your submission in the body of an email.
  5. We do not accept manuscripts via fax.

Synopsis of the plot

(If your work is non-fiction the same would apply.) Please make sure the synopsis is not more than 1 page long. We will not be able to review your manuscript without a synopsis.

Short author biography.

CLF is looking to publish books that will work within the South African trade book market. Originality, high writing standard and market appeal are therefore essential.

CLF will not usually consider the following submissions:

    • Poetry
    • Short stories
Scripts for plays, television or film

    The manuscript will be evaluated according to a set of publisher criteria. Please allow one to two months for the evaluation.

    Should your manuscript be successful to be published as a CLF or Barnabas publication. CLF will enter into a contract with the author. It becomes a CLF publication for which CLF is entirely responsible.

    Should your manuscript be received favourably but for some reason cannot be published as a CLF publication, CLF can assist the author to self-publish under the Barnabas Publisher logo. This means that the author is responsible for all costs that might be incurred in the finalisation of the manuscript (as set out in a formal quote) after which the author receives the full print run.

    Please note that CLF is under no obligation to do any marketing for the publication for self-publications. CLF also has no say or say to get any books into any bookshops – it is their prerogative if they want to stock titles or not.


This is entirely up to you. Obviously, the more polished a manuscript is, the more likely it is that it will be accepted. That said, if it is accepted, it will go through an in-house editorial process before it is published.

No, although you will need to have at least three chapters and a full outline completed. We only require the first three chapters and a synopsis of the entire book, so you can submit these to us when they are ready.

No. From both an editorial and production perspective, handwritten manuscripts prove too cumbersome for us to consider them realistically for publication. Not only is the handwriting often difficult to read, but if the manuscript is accepted for publication, it will need to be typed up in order to put it through the production process and this will need to be done by the author, not by CLF.

No. CLF will review the text on its merits. We would commission a suitable illustrator should this be appropriate.

Unfortunately, as we receive so many manuscripts, we are unable to provide any detailed feedback. CLF is also not able to enter into written/verbal correspondence if your book is turned down.

CLF does not accept self-published works. If you are merely looking for someone to distribute copies of your self-published book, you can contact the Publishers’ Association of South Africa (PASA) on (021) 425-2721 who will be able to give you details of distribution companies operating in the country.

The length of a manuscript depends on the book, but as a rough guideline, full-length adult fiction/non-fiction works should be between 35 000 and 100 000 words.

We would prefer manuscripts that:

  • have 1.5 or double spacing
  • use a serif font like Times New Roman or Century, size 12
  • have page numbers
  • use paragraphing
  • are not written completely in CAPS.
  • Manuscripts sent via email should preferably be submitted as an attached Microsoft Word document.

CLF will let you know if your work has been rejected. If you have not heard from us, it means your work is still being evaluated.

Royalties are paid to authors as a percentage of the net revenue of the book based on the number of copies sold.

The average royalty percentage offered is 12% on net revenue.

Ready to submit?