At Christian Literature Fund we believe in teaching children the contents of the Bible and how to live by its values. This practical approach helps children live their faith daily, empowering them to become readers and the leaders we need for a better tomorrow.

But for many children, access to Bibles in their language is a not always possible. Christian Literature Fund has therefore launched the One million Bibles for one million children project, an initiative to equip as many children with Bibles.

Our approach

Each year Christian Literature Fund identifies an organisation that caters to children and donates Bibles to a specific cause. This year, we’ve selected Children with Cancer as our cause. This campaign started on August 1st, 2018 and will run until December 31st, 2018.

2018 Bible project campaign – Children with Cancer

This year Christian Literature Fund is supporting children with cancer.

How you can contribute

As part of our goal to raise funds in support of this project, contributors can host events, from morning teas, fun runs and pancake evenings, to concerts which are open to the public. We also accept donations.

We receive donations from:

  • individuals who want to do their small part and help spread the gospel
  • churches that want to help people develop spiritually, and
  • businesses with CSR / ECD or community projects aligned with addressing societal challenges, such as literacy and access to reading material

All contributions are tracked for donors, giving them the opportunity to watch as we work towards achieving our goal.